Native California White Sage

California White Sage Bundles & Bulk Sage Leaves

Gathering sage and making sage bundles is a prayer and a meditation for us. Each of our sage bundles carries the prayers of our heart to yours.

I strongly believe in the healing and purifying powers and of sage and I hope our smudge sticks bring you blessings.

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Thank you and blessings to you,

~ Patricia Gaytan

white sage smudge torches

White Sage Torches
$72 per 3 dozen

sage bundles smudge sticks

White Sage Smudge Stick Bundles

Medium 8″ white sage bundles
$60 per dozen

Small 4″ white sage bundles
$72 per 3 dozen

bulk white sage

Bulk Sage $72 per 3 lbs

5 inch white sage smudge stick bundle

California White Sage Wand
(about 5″)

$72 per 2 dozen

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black sage smudge stick bundle

Black Sage Smudge Stick
(about 4″)

$72 per 3 dozen

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