About White Sage

white sage salvia apiana

White Sage, Salvia Apiana

White sage, also know as bee sage, or sacred sage, is native to coastal Southern California and Baja California – the only region this sage naturally occurs in the world.

White sage is fragrant, with silver-white leaves. Young leaves start off green and turn white as they get older. White sage blooms in the summer displaying white flowers with lavender streaks.

White sage is deeply rooted in the cultures of indigenous communities of Southern California and northern Baja. It is also an important food source for bees, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. Larger bees, notably carpenter bees, are the predominant pollinators of white sage.

Wild white sage populations are currently under intense threat by development, smudge stick poaching, climate change, drought, and wildfire.

NativeSage.org is dedicated to preserving native white sage in California.


white sage salvia apiana flowers